Fresh Shoes

I love new running shoes. LOVE THEM. Like I love new notebooks and pencils, like some people love new cars.

Though I am still healing, I am getting stronger, and I have many miles ahead of me.

I love all the scenery I haven't passed on them yet; all the trees, birds, squirrels, herons, creeks, berries, and dogs I'll pass.

I love the meditative rhythm ahead, the steady pace these shoes will carry me through.

I love the fast strides still unsprinted, the half mile at the end where we'll let loose together.

I love the esprit de corps they'll facilitate, the sweaty companionship that's different from sedentary friendship.

I love the way they'll strengthen my marriage. Running together reminds us of our individual strengths, and of the efforts it sometimes takes to stay together.

Running shoes: Composition of Hope in Rubber.

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-Saint Molly Ivins