Wednesday Prayers: Graces

I'm applying for an MDiv/CPE chaplain-training program, and my interview is Friday. I'm praying for discernment (mine and theirs) but mostly, I'm just praying that I notice the graces in the experience of applying. Independent of the outcome, this can be full of joy or full of fear, and I'm vacillating. I'd really rather chose joy, though.

Will you pray with me? Will you let me know how to pray for you (because you know I'm going to do it, anyway!)?


  1. oooh, I'm so excited for you!

    Will be praying. what time?

    Thanks SO MUCH for the card. It is the exact same one I gave to my hub for his birthday...it looks like our Maltese. :)

  2. The interview's at 9 (I love doing things first thing)-- thank you.

    And I'm so glad you liked the card-- Josie and Boudreaux were exactly why I picked it!

  3. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Oh, you have my prayers for peace and grace. I will pray the right thing happens and the door is thrown open wide so you can't miss which way to go.

  4. so here it is, you can never know for sure, something that feels right could turn out to be just plain wrong, but if they feel right, why not go for it. drum solo is set to go in a few minutes.

    peace and hope and vibrations...

  5. will be praying friday at 9:00 a.m.!

  6. I, too, shall pray for you as you interview on Friday. I belong to the gym that's part of the wellness center at a hospital, and every time I leave the building, I exit by the chapel. And I've always thought, hmm, a hospital chaplain, hmmm. Holy Spirit nudge or just musing? Discernment, yes!

  7. Calendaring it now. 9 am Friday. Blessings and deep peace.


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-Saint Molly Ivins