Wednesday Prayers: On the Mend

Surgery last week went so well that this week's prayer is one of gratitude.

We thought I was going in for a meniscus repair, but instead the surgeon found some plica floating around in an obnoxious way. (I didn't know what plica was either, and let me save you the trouble of a Google search by reducing it down to "knee debris.") He took out the plica, and I hobbled out. (Well, after I woke up from the anesthesia.) I'm still a tad sore, and I don't quite have full range of motion yet, but recovery is SO MUCH EASIER than the other thing would have been. I expect I'll be running by February, rather than by April, so I'm thrilled. (Well, thrilled, and guilty: I feel bad that loving friends have been so supportive when it turns out I don't need that much sympathy after all!)

Are you offering up any gratitude for things that are better than you expected, or do you need some prayers that things mend? Let me know, and I'll include my prayers with yours.

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  1. plica is a cool word. Praying that I use the wisdom I shared with my students about the importance of sleep. amazing studies emerging.


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