Wednesday Prayers: For Students

Lovely Stratoz so frequently mentions that he's praying for his students (whether that's for his patience or their edification, I've never been sure). Many of my dear ones are either students or teachers (or both!) and this week I'm praying for them. Our local college students are back for the spring semester (and experiencing their first outbreak of bedbugs... ugh).

I saw my spiritual director this week, and that meeting has me thinking about how long it's taking me to learn some sacred lessons.

So while you're teaching or learning this week, I'm holding you in prayer. Are there any other ways I can be praying with you?


  1. Mindy, I really do feel the same way about you.

  2. catching up here, so thanks. Lovely???? The joke at church on Sunday was that I was crotchety



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-Saint Molly Ivins