Friday Five

Mary Beth serves up one heck of a Friday Five. I was gobsmacked by the possiblities, but as you'll see, I tried to keep it under control:

On my blog sidebar is a list titled, "Blogs I Read Every Day." After my mother became a blogger, she asked me how I could possibly read that many blogs daily!? I had to confess it then: Okay, I don't read them all every day! I have over 100 on there! But I have favorites, and you do too.Some of you probably use feed readers to let you know when your favorite bloggers have posted...not me, not yet. I just have folks who are part of my day-to-day.So for today's Friday Five, give us five blogs you visit regularly, and tell us briefly WHY you like them. These can be RevGal and Pal bloggers and others ... or news sites, knitting sites, etc. Who are you showing the love to on a pretty constant basis?Hopefully we will all get to know some new bloggy friends this way!

I do use Google Reader to let me know when things are updated (though this can be trying, as the gmail account that I saved the feeds in is different from the one I used when I created this blog, so I have to log out to comment, then back in to read the rest... why can't I change the gmail address for this blog?!) Anyway, I had a heck of a time narrowing it down. I decided I could get the most bang for my blogpost by only doing non-RevGals (after all, y'all know where you are!), but even then... I cheated. I picked 6. AND YOU'RE DARN LUCKY IT'S ONLY SIX!

Here we go:

1. Beauty Tips for Ministers: I also love her sister blog, Peacebang (whoops! another one slipped in). This UU minister is often tongue-in-cheek, occasionally silly, and frequently very thoughtful about the sort of nonverbal messages ministers can send about themselves and the church. Also, she gives great cosmetic tips.

2. Mile Markers: This blog is part of Runner's World, and even though it's about running, it's often really about spirituality. I'm grateful for and encouraged by this ongoing exploration of the connection between body and spirit.

3. Homesick Texan: I'm not a Texan, but I spent enough formative years in SoCal to love TexMex food. While I never get around to actually making any of this gorgeous food, it's comforting just to read about!

4. Ember Days: I'm not sure I can explain to you why I love this blog so much. A cranky, snarky professor and priest expounds on liturgy, teaching, and American Idol. Go read it and tell me what the draw is.

5. Big Harmony: If you only read one of mine, pop over to this one. I met Nancy B through another beloved blog (Uh oh! Did it again!), and I'm just nuts about her. I'm holding out for a meeting IRL.

6. The Purl Bee: There are just so many craft/sewing blogs that I love, but this one was my first, and is probably still my favorite. (With really no arm-twisting at all, I'll tell you all about the other fabulous ones.)

Now I'm off to read other people's plays-- I can't wait to see who I'm going to meet!


  1. That is such a good list! I am off to look at them.

  2. I picked PeaceBang too. :-) As a born-in-So. Cal. with Texas relatives, I bet you know which link I am visiting.

  3. Well, whatever the draw is, I'm glad you stop by.

  4. I am patiently waiting for the evening that you and Nancy and I get together. Think of the fun! Think of the wine!

  5. I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he sees his name for the first time in the phone book! I am deeply appreciative of the shout out, sister. Looking forward to kicking back with you and Miss Charlotte (who I nominate to do the cooking)in the near future!


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