PSA Week:
Furry Needs Day

In honor of Fish and Whistle's birthday, and also Mindy's new baby, today's PSA is for the Humane Society.

OK, also because when Mr. M caught on to the fact that I'm doing a series of Public Service Announcements, he very sweetly requested that I include the Humane Society.

We have a HUGE problem with feral cats in our county. There just aren't nearly enough homes for the numbers of cats, so I remind you: spay and neuter your pets!


  1. Thank you so very much! Gingerbean also thanks you!

    I have a friend who catches stray cats and has them fixed. I kid you not.

  2. Adding my thanks here. I don't volunteer there officially -- I know better; I have enough of a houseful anyway -- but when I'm feeling up to it I'll go over and walk a dog or two.

    I'd love to find a trap-neuter-release program in the area, with all the feral cats we have about...


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