My new running buddy: the iPod Shuffle

Tee hee! As a birthday present, Mr. M got me the teeny tiny green iPod shuffle. It's just exactly the same color as my first car (may she rest in pieces), so I'm calling the shuffle "Little Sally" in honor of all the fun places we went together. I'm looking forward to totally different journeys with this machine.

I've already found, via the brilliant RevGals, the pray-as-you-go podcasts, which are really fantastic. I'm madly downloading a bunch of public radio podcasts-- Speaking of Faith; Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me; Car Talk; Splendid Table.

BUT I'm eager to hear other suggestions. Friends, these podcasts are going to get me through a lot of runs. What do you love to listen to?


  1. wow, I am really techno unfamiliar with the ipod, my stepson has one, but it sounds wonderful. I wish I had the pray as you go!!!

  2. Happy b-day! Mr. M got you a great gift. I'm not sure that I have any suggestions though. When I workout I listen to U2! Blessings!

  3. I only have music on my shuffle, but I love it!

  4. I so enjoy my ipod - especially on my 70-mile round trip commute. Wait, Wait and Car Talk are two of my favorites; I also like This American Life. And anything recorded by David Sedaris.

    Music-wise, I just added an album by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - love it. And I get audiobooks at audible.com.

    Have fun! And happy birthday!

  5. Happy Bday!!

    You have a bunch of the ones I love - but I also like the Diane Rehm show. Her podcasts are an hour segment, so you can just download the ones that look interesting, and skip the other guests. My husband loves This American Life, and I've gotten some good sermon stories there.

  6. I have a pink one and LOVE it!!!! I'm so excited for you. I do straight music and rather upbeat stuff to keep me going. My friend Presbyfruit (under my blogging friends) has some suggestions in her sidebar. She loves podcasts. Enjoy running with little Sally.

  7. this american life is fabulous.

    you've got my faves.

    i used to download npr:food, npr:books, npr:religion- these are pretty good i just wasn't keeping up- they are segments from all the news shows in a week that fit those various categories.

    my iPod is broken at the moment.

    very blue about that.

    do you know about audible.com? audio books are great companions to me when working out or driving- david sedaris, sarah vowell, barbara kingsolver's latest- so many good ones. you can get two books a month for like $20.00.


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