Another project underway!

I've been going a little nutty trying to find slips lately (for under skirts and dresses). These suckers can be hard to find, and the fact is that there are times when they make a huge difference.

SO, I toddled down to my local fabric store, bought myself a pattern, some satin and elastic, and here we go! Let's see how it works.

(Note: this may wind up being the 3,078th project to sit half-finished in a bin under the spare-room bed. I'll keep you updated.)

(Note #2: The pattern picture is from a site called "Fabric Indulgence and Art Supplies." Fun stuff!)


  1. wow. holy cow. i'm impressed.

    i have a drawer or two of unfinished projects myself.

  2. Good project.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Oh do go for it....satin sounds really luxe! If it goes may we hire you?

  4. what they all said. looks really cool.

  5. I think I might be depressed at the amount of elastic I would have to buy for myself!

    Let us know how this turns out!!


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