Time Flies

I finally did it. I finally broke down and bought a watch. I couldn't take it anymore-- I felt ridiculous pulling out my cell phone to see the time. (For one thing, there's just no way to do that discretely).

And, since I was going give in anyway, I decided that it was time to buy a grown-up watch. The $8.00 Target model that I started out with did not hold up well. So, my friends, here we are:

A grown-up watch. I'd really like to offset the maturity with these shoes:


  1. Cute shoes and watch. My watch looks very similar and is one my children gave me for Mother's Day about three years ago. I finally stopped wearing the watch my mother gave me before she died in 1992.

  2. I love, love , love those shoes! I'm a huge fan of plaids and stripes, though.

  3. like the watch AND the shoes... my feet wouldn't be able to take them though.

  4. The shoes, they burn...

    Nice watch, though.

  5. okay, you can't post those extra-cute shoes and then not reveal their source. Who sells those?

  6. Sorry, Shalom, good point. Baker's Shoes sells them, and they can be found at www.bakersshoes.com.


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