Could someone please tell me how they paid for seminary without auctioning off their firstborn?

I'm feeling like a little black rain cloud of an aspirant lately, but I feel like we're missing part of Thoreau's idea of castles in the sky. The part where we build foundations under them.

I've got this gnawing feeling in my tummy, and I do not want to re-do the disaster that was and is undergrad debt.

Seriously. How is this do-able? The moving, the one-income-family, the tuition? Any Episcopalians out there? Because it's looking like we're particularly weak at making this sane.

It's frustrating (and I feel sorry for any poor readers I might have left-- perusing this darn thing is like asking to for that bleak damp "ugh" feeling lately) to feel called to ministry, to feel what I'm doing "fits," but to feel that the system in place isn't reasonable.

I've heard the "taking it on faith" line, and I hear what you're saying-- but that can get awfully muddled with "making irresponsible decisions."


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    my thought on this is to form a "Support Diana's Calling" or some such named group...members from your church(es), family, alumni...ask for two things...give them every tidbit about you that may qualify you for a grant or scholarship...and ask that they send you ONE lead to follow that...(A) you qualify for, and (B) to do it within 24 hours...(C) then ask them to ask ONE person that you may not know to do the same thing...it keeps coming to mind that it would bless people to help you, keep you busy so you don't have time to worry, and kddp you humbled and God glorified by what He can move people to do... like when Moses got pooped and the 2 buddies had to come along and hold Moses' arms up to win the battle...God didn't need those 2 to win any battles...much love... big hugs...Ma

  2. Anonymous12:27 AM

    p.s. you'll have a lead on a grant or scholarship from me by this time tomorrow...I like to think you'll gain prayer warriors along the way too...

  3. yeah, it's difficult to figure out how to pay for seminary expenses.

    I like ma's ideas.

    you've been brave this far, maybe the road will get easier


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