The Question of Same-Sex Unions and the Anglican Communion

Yet again, the episcopal church has made the news. Not because we're feeding the homeless or working toward peace in the Middle East, but because we're divided on the issue of same-sex unions.

What's interesting to me is not the argument over Bishop Robinson's consecration, but the fact that everyone is ignoring that this sort of diversity of idea is the foundation of the Anglican church (and therefore also the Episcopal Church USA). Henry VIII didn't think he was starting a new church (he's probably pivoting in his grave at the idea that he wasn't Catholic), Elizabeth I did-- and it was because there was such violent division in her country. The Anglican tradition is founded on unity between those who are exploring different, sometimes opposing, ways to live into their Christian faith.

Regardless of my personal feelings (maybe you'll get those another time), it's so important to have a church that lets us examine our faith in a safe place.

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