The 5-Year Plan

I've always had one. (I've never ended up where I expected to, but I've always had a plan). Even though my job right now is to be attentive to God's leading, I'm a busy little squirrel, gathering acorns and trying to figure out which seminary to send them to.

In my defense, I'm a planner because I think there are exciting things ahead. I'm not (despite what you might think from previous posts) by nature a pessimist. I've always been very certain that what's coming up is going to be very, very good. (I thought that when I was 10 and wanted to be an actress, when I was 12 and wanted to be a lawyer, when I was 19 and wanted to be a professor. And I think it now, at 25, looking to a vocation that lets me be a little of all of those.)

The breakdown of my (two most likely) options for the bulk of the next 5 years:

Virginia Theological Seminary:
*I get the impression it's a little more prestigious. Several of our bishops have gone there, so that might make career transitions a little smoother.
*I'll be within regular visiting distance of at least 3 close friends.
*I've loved loved loved living in DC.
*Mr. M is more likely to find a job/social life.
*Because they're bigger, they seem to offer more.
*There seems to be more diversity among the students.

University of the South:
*The area is BEAUTIFUL.
*The cost of living is much lower.
*It's closer to my family.
*The campus is gorgeous.
*I've really enjoyed small schools.

Obviously, I'm leaning towards VTS at the moment... but a month ago, I was leaning towards Tennessee. I'm ready to start visiting.


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    When do you want to start going?

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    where is the Uni of the South? Pick diversity over beauty. Denidoo was lovely, yet, v. v. v. white/rich, which, as you know, got boooring. loves, lola (Thing 2)


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