Wednesday Prayers: Girding My Loins

I have a phone call to return today, and I'm VERY nervous about it. It's the next step (not even a big step) in something that could be SO EXCITING.

I'm going to pray for a while first, because that's the commitment I've made to myself in this venture: pray every single step of the way. Pray before doing anything. I want to stay right in God's hip-pocket on this one. It's too scary not to.

For perspective, for courage, for openness, and for this one step, this one phone call. Will you pray for me, too?

And how about you? How can I be praying for you?


  1. Sending prayers as requested, Diana! May your will and God's will line up on this one! ;)

    ...and as long as you asked. I could use some prayers of healing over the loss of a relationship that was very dear to me. I've been trying to stay in God's hip pocket on this one as well. Thanks.

  2. Charlotte: It's so good to have confidence that you've got me on this one.

    Maureen: Ouch-- You bet that's in my prayers. And THANK YOU.

    MB: xo

  3. Prayers for sure--in fact, I'll put you in the mass queue, if I may. That is turning into a really wonderful Lenten practice...as is, after so long, getting back to blogging, including bragging on you yesterday.

    Hugs, brave woman!

  4. I am praying praying praying for you!

    And I know you already pray for me. And you do not know how many times I stop during the day and think....she is praying for me right now.


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-Saint Molly Ivins