Sometimes Fridays come on Saturday.  Sometimes they come on Wednesday.  Sometimes they never come, because OMG, WHY IS THE LAUNDRY NEVER FINISHED?!

But, where Brené Brown leads, I want to follow.  So here's this week's TGIF:

I'm TRUSTING that even though I've been disorganized and out of touch all summer, I'll still be welcome to be part of communities and work that matter to me when the school year finally brings me a little breathing space.

I'm GRATEFUL for our neighborhood.  Columbus is a segregated city, and it matters to me that there are black and brown kids playing with my pasty little white guy in our complex. It makes me feel hopeful, and it makes me feel safer.

I'm INSPIRED by both the late Molly Ivins and the very lively Elizabeth Warren, who embody my favorite combination: joy and determination. I'm rereading Molly's "The Fun's In the Fight," because having a good time *before* we win is going to keep us up for all our good work.

And for FUN, I encourage you to support women-owned STEM businesses, like this one (a smidge NSFW).

Have a great week, y'all.  Tell me about your TGIFs, too, ok?


Father’s Day

This is just to say:
It is possible to parent in ways that you did not experience. It is possible to listen and nurture and play, even if you did not receive those things. This is a quiet, huge miracle that people don’t notice much.


Zero Waste Life Experience

I’ve long assumed those cheerleading years were wasted time, but it turns out that yelling encouragement is a big part of what I’m here to do.

Happy Pride Weekend, Columbus.


TGIF (with love to Brené)

I've been blogging in my head (and missing Mary Beth and Mindy and basically the sisterhood of bloggers), so when Brené Brown revived her "TGIF" habit from her old blogging days, I was in. A nice, mellow return by way of sharing a gratitude practice with one of my favorite women heroes.

T(rusting): I'm trusting that I can do a new (interim) job well, and that my family will find its footing in the chaos of me going back to work.

G(grateful): I'm SO FLIPPING GRATEFUL for the support I've had from generous, trusting bosses.  Cannot tell you how much it means to me to be trusted and backed up. Also, hugely, the friend who's helping with childcare and the many friends who are keeping me from losing my mind.  Oh, and the nurse practitioner who treated me with so much love this week.  And the warming weather. And the husband who gave me a sick day and looked at snails on the trail with the little Biscuit.

I(inspired): I've picked Thérèsa of Lisieux back up lately, because she's been calling to me for the last several weeks.  I learned about her years ago, and felt utterly bored by her "holiness of small things" kind of mysticism. Now, as I'm starting to accept the smallness of my own reach, I'm encouraged by her words.

How about you? What's your TGIF this week?

ETA: F!!! I forgot F(un)! Y'all, that is about exactly the state of things right now.  I am totally forgetting the F.  Um.  I have an ongoing pattern of seeing powerful lady movies with my best friend (remember, per Mindy Kaling, best friend is a tier, not an individual), and I'm wagging about getting a date for The Hustle on our calendars.