Joe Da Fish Guy

We acquired a new family member on Friday night:

Because we have three cats, I'd been joking about how a fish would be great Cat TV. We went (as we do every year) to the summer carnival at a local Catholic church. Mr. M is not athletic. Or, bless his heart, all that coordinated. So imagine our shock when he won our little fish, now known as Joe Da Fish Guy.
And then imagine their shock when he came home:

Anthony and Izzy spent quite some time wondering if they could possibly get to the little guy. Romper, on the other hand, was content to lie back and watch the show.


  1. Thise cats are hysterically funny.

    They're so. . . dedicated.

  2. I love cat/fish stories! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Hee! Kitty TV!

    Funny; my one boyfriend just scored an aquarium and most of the equipment from neighbors who were moving out and didn't want to haul it; he hasn't got fish in it yet, but he will soon. We can't wait to see how the cats react...

  4. how cool!

    hope you're well!

  5. GREAT cat pics--more, more, more!!!!! and thanks for commenting on my adorable orange girl...


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