5 Things I Dig About Jesus

A few lovely RevGals tagged me for this meme, and I've been avoiding it because I'm a little tired and crankly, and can't be arsed to follow the rules properly. So, I'm not linking, I'm not tagging, but here it is. Thanks for the grace, friends.

1. I dig that Jesus cares more about love than about rules for the sake of rules.
2. I dig that Jesus tells me not to worry, that God is wild about me and wants to look after me.
3. I dig that Jesus cries, too.
4. I dig that Jesus is patient.
5. I dig that Jesus gets pissed off sometimes, too.

Thanks, y'all. I really enjoyed that. Anyone else who might enjoy playing, jump on it. The water's great.


  1. good play - i dig many of the same aspects

  2. splashed already ... but I loved it ....

  3. Oh, great answers...I love this meme.

    Like Lorna, already dived in and enjoyed it a lot....


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-Saint Molly Ivins