All Kinds of Holy Work

I had my first facial today.  It was amazing.No, I'm serious.  I'm stone-cold serious.

I don't know how to relax without professional help.  Even with professional help, it's like trying to keep a beach ball submerged-- my brain is clearly trying to kill me. It's always been hard, but since my son was born, it's been nearly impossible.

For about an hour this morning, a kind, knowledgeable woman did 3/4 of the work of keeping the beach ball down.

That's holy work.  When I have totally and completely lost the ability to let go, that's a sacred service that's being provided. If I can't figure out how the hell to be still, then I need help.  I need someone to show me.

It's a lot easier to recognize heroes if you watch for them.  Sometimes they hang out in old Victorian houses and wear smocks.


  1. I love that you are looking for the heroes! I hate that it is hard for you to be still. That must truly be hard. I am glad that you work at it instead of giving in.

  2. oh man! Just this morning I was thinking about needing a massage. It's only been, like, two years since the last one. And now I see that I need a facial, too.



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-Saint Molly Ivins