Phone Call Poll

Between e-mail and texting (well, and snail mail, but that's my own wee quirk), I almost never pick up the phone anymore. One of my new year's resolutions has been to call at least one person per week. I haven't quite done it (unless you're willing to allow an average of one person per week).

One of the big reasons I don't call is that I'm afraid no one else does anymore, either. Then it feels some combination of intrusive, and like... well, like I'm into them more than vice versa. (Yes, I know they can chose not to answer. Also, I don't feel this way at all when people call me. And yes, sometimes my inner 16-year-old calls the shots. I'm working on this.)

So, I thought I'd ask: Do you still make personal calls? Head over to the poll on the sidebar. And, if those options aren't adequate, or you'd like to elaborate, tell me about it in the comments.



  1. took the poll and wish it was still true that my answer had not changed from where it was a few years back.

  2. I am not a phone talker. I never have been. Sitting around chatting on the phone is just very awkward for me. I will talk *about* something, especially if after typing for awhile I realize it's just easier to talk...

    I recently overheard a conversation at the hair salon and the women, about 10 -15 years older than I, were complaining that their 20-something daughters only texted and they felt ignored. I disagree. I text my concern and my love and my thoughts/prayers frequently. For me, it's an easier sort of communication: instant, but not intrusive.

    Now I'm thinking why I never text you. Maybe because we have a relationship grounded on the internet?

  3. I had a serious fear of making phone calls that started in my teens. Part of it was wanting to know in advance what to say, which isn't entirely possible, combined with extreme anxiety, and fear of being intrusive. I am much better at making calls now, in part because I learned to accept that I can't know what the other person will say, anymore than I know it in conversation in "real life"--and that even if my heart is pounding really hard, the anticipation is worse than the actual call, most of the time. . .I still don't make many calls just to talk--but I am thankful I can get everyday tasks done.

  4. Margaret, you described beautifully how I feel about it, too. Thanks so much for this.


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