Hey, y'all.

I'm having surgery for a torn meniscus on Tuesday. Here's the quick info:
  • I won the torn meniscus lottery. Most of the time, they have to be removed (which means a speedy recovery, but higher likelihood of arthritis later on). My tear happens to be in the place where it can be stitched up (maybe-- they never know for sure until they're in there).
  • The surgery's arthroscopic, so no worries about scars marring my sexy knees. (BWAHAHAHA. Knees are very, very silly looking.)
  • Recovery's going to take a while, and hurt like heck.
  • BUT, my timing's perfect. If there's any ideal time to be housebound, it's January-February-March. This way, when my favorite seasons come, I'll be well on my way to being healed.
  • Blogging will either not happen, or will be very, very silly. (Vicoden)
  • Stratoz made my week when he wished me healthy running in 2011. That is *exactly* the prize I'm keeping my eye on.
Today and tomorrow, Dave and I are trying to do a few pre-op errands that will make next week easier. My to-do list includes the practical:
  • Buy more pillows.
  • Make more ice packs.
  • Create a little recuperation station in bedroom: laptop, books, knitting stuff, stationery.
The frivolous:
  • Buy a few pairs of skirts and flats, so that I won't feel scrubby every day in my knee brace and sweats.
  • Clean high heels out of closet, so as not to be taunted by them.
And the peculiar:
  • Try a practice shower with improvised seat.

So that's that! Keep me in your prayers, if you think to. I'm sure I'll tell you (way more than you were hoping) about how it went!


  1. Hopes all goes well and the recovery is speedy and easier than you anticipate!

  2. glad I could make your week. and by the way frozen peas make for wonderful ice packs


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