Wednesday Prayers: And for any others you wish to name, either silently or aloud...

This corkboard above the desk in my office is where I keep prayer requests. (Some of you would see your names, or those of your loved ones, typed on tiny pastel squares.) It's just first names, and it's often vague for anonymity's sake. (Confession: there's a little square that just says "Peter in TX." I'm not sure who Peter is, and I only have a hunch about who the prayer-requester might be, but I'm still praying for him.)

I really like having a visual reminder of all the things for which we turn to God. (Perhaps someday I'll remember, "Hey, it's on the board. That means God is carrying it, not me!)

You've all been so lovely and kind this week, I'd like to just turn the prayer requests over to you. Is there something of yours I can add to my board?


  1. One week from tonight I head for the Committee on Preparation for Ministry to be certified ready to receive a call. I'd love to know that you are praying for wisdom and discernment on the part of all and for God's presence in our midst. :) Thank you, Di.

  2. I love the corkboard.

    We've just had job cuts announced at work (not me, so I'm suffering survivor's guilt). My local church wrestles with financial stuff, which will lead to some salary cut backs of non-pastor staff. I pray to be the light of the world in these times that need light--feel free to pray for all us lighthouses that feel our lights flickering.

    Thanks! Can I pray for you?

  3. This made me cry. Everyone always says that they pray but to see it there....for reals. How awesome. This just makes me feel good and cared for.

  4. Robin, it'll be an honor to pray for you and your Committee on Preparation for Ministry. The way you've shared about your process has been such a gift to me.

    Kristin, I'll be praying for the lighthouses, if you'll pray for mine!

    And Mindy, of course you're cared for!


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-Saint Molly Ivins