Summer Academy, Day 2

Thoughts from Day 2:

  • I made a new friend! Maybe. At least a new running buddy, I think.
  • One week of classes is not enough. It feels so good to be studying, to be engaged with other people who share my loves.
  • It's amazing to be in two classes where a primary purpose is to share our stories. I love these opportunities to turn my flat first impressions of people into something much richer. I hear people's stories, and my heart expands to make room for them.
  • Unfortunately, I'm so excited that I have to keep telling myself, "shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup!" to keep from babbling. I'm the verbal equivalent of an incontinent puppy.
  • I love the writing class (as a group of people), but I don't love the practice, I think. I've got a regular routine of praying via journal first thing in the morning, and my non-prayer "morning pages" feel... a little lonely, honestly. If I'm going to be honest on paper, I need the comfort of bringing that honest to God.
  • I'm FASCINATED by the grief class. (NOT, I want to be clear, in a carnival sideshow sort of way, but as something relevant to everyone, and as something I'm dealing with right now.) I kept thinking, everyone should learn these things! And then I realized, not everyone is going to learn the intricacies of loss and grief. We can't expect everyone to study this. We need people with understanding to accompany us, instead. Friends, I think this is something we're going to come back to. There's something going on here.
I had to come back and add to that last point: when I say "people with understanding," I don't mean people who have it all figured out or who will tell us what to do. I mean people who can listen, who can be with us, who can respect where we are.


  1. Are you thinking that perhaps grief/loss counseling is something you'll pursue? I don't think I could carry all those hurts around with me. Good grief, I could barely carry around my 10 3rd graders' hurts for the year I was their teacher!

    I am INSANELY JEALOUS (there, I said it) of your classes. I'm taking one on Paul and, really, it's just not the same kind of joy-making!


  2. Charlotte, I'm not sure what I'm thinking, but I know that the grief/loss stuff is important. Chaplaincy is dancing around like sugarplums in my head, but I'm not sure I can do that without getting some denomination to ordain me, so... (In fact, I was thinking chaplaincy when I STARTED the damn ordination process! Sigh.)

    There is something about being available, helping people by listening to their stories... it's magical to me.

    You would love this class, both of them, really. (You know, they're offered every summer, 2 one-week sessions, most students stay on campus...)

  3. Of course you made a friend! I am sure everyone is just smitten with you!

  4. I am totally there, summer of 2011!


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-Saint Molly Ivins