Per Mirriam-Webster:

Worry: (definition 2c)
to touch or disturb something repeatedly

I have a longstanding unbloggable family thing. It lies dormant for months on end, and when it resurfaces, I worry. I might not have noticed this time, except for the vivid stress dreams. I got scared, prayed, was scared some more, and kept praying. Last night, as I was explaining to God what an incredible mess it is and how overwhelmed I am, the reply was gentle: "You're right. That is sticky. How about you let me take care of this one?"

OH. You mean everyone's welfare doesn't depend on my perfect diplomatic strategy?

I understand that in other areas of my life, but this one particular situation has me convinced that any wrong move will be catastrophic. And there is no clear right move. Last night, I was tenderly reminded that I am not in charge. Thank heavens.

But this morning... I pick it back up again. The physical, tangible definition of worry keeps coming to mind. I fiddle with the situation, twisting it between my fingers and wrinkling it. And what is worry but psychic fidgeting, fussing and squirming when we're anxious and powerless?

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