Because I Don't Have to Worry About Looking Ungentlemanly

Listen, lady: Drilling to resolve an energy crisis is like making crystal meth to solve the nation's drug problems!


  1. I consider myself an environmentalist, I have a degree in ecology.... However, I am totally against other countries spoiling their environment so we can have our life style while we say we can't drill because it is bad for the environment. does this make sense????

  2. I think I get that, Stratoz. It's sounds like you're offended by the, "Not in my backyard" mentality of continuing to rely on oil, but wanting it to contaminate other countries instead of ours.

    My point, tho, is that instead of trying to get our hands on more oil, we need to push for solar/wind/etc.

  3. that I agree with, and again we are faced with not in my backyard thinking, but that seems to be lessening here and there


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