Tag! I'm it.

I've been tagged! MoCat was gracious enough to ask for 6 weird things about me. (The challenge, of course, is narrowing it down...)

1. I'm a big fan of cheddar cheese and dill pickle sandwiches.

2. I don't like squishy foods. Texture is a big thing for me.

3. I could re-read Jennifer Crusie's fun novels until the cows come home. I really want to be buddies with her characters.

4. I really hate the phone. I love spending time with people, and I like letters, but I hate the phone.

5. I love my toes. Pedicures are my favorite form of pampering, and even when I'm buttoned-up and dressed like a yuppy nun, my toes are wild colors.

6. I'm wild about The West Wing. I'm fairly sure it's Martin Sheen I want to run away with, but I'd certainly be open to considering Dule Hill. And frankly, I want to be just like Allison Janney's character (CJ Craig) when I grow up.

Now, I tag Pink Shoes , Revem , Jennifer, willsmama.

(Can't do the whole 6, too sleepy!)


  1. Cheddar and pickle sandwiches sound oddly compelling! Guess I'm weird, too. I was tagged with this same meme a coupke of days ago. I think I may be slightly weirder, Mrs. M!

  2. I love the West Wing too!
    Except in my case I want to run away with CJ Craig and be like Martin Sheen. ;-)

    Thanks for playing!

  3. I like texture, too, so I've fallen in love with grapenuts cereal and their new trail mix blend. Sorry to blather about breakfast choices but the crunching cereal is great.

    I miss West Wing. I kept hoping M. Sheen would morph into a Real Prez. and lead the country.

    C.J. is great and dresses well. What a gal but what a pitiful love life situation. That cute SS guy got shot!

  4. I played! Altho I felt a little bit like the last kid picked to play dodgeball, since everyone I could have tagged had already played! But it was fun! Thank you thank you thank you! :)

    And thanks for the thoughts and prayers also.


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-Saint Molly Ivins