I'm having concerns about my spiritual director.

She suggested a marriage therapist to me in January (I was looking for one). During each monthly meeting since then, she's made remarks about how wrong I was not to use him as my therapist (neither Mr. M nor I were at all comfortable with him). 6 meetings now, and she's brought it up each time.

The last 2 times that I've met with her, she's left the door open and had brief conversations with various people during my hour with her.

I'm feeling frustrated rather than encouraged, and I'm not feeling listened to.

I really love this lady, but I'm starting to feel angry about our relationship.

Making matters worse: she's on the committee that decides how people progress in the discernment process.



  1. um, doesn't sound like the right SD. That's supposed to be private...with door shut. I'm pretty sure.

  2. No, it doesn't sound like the right spiritual director - however, I understand your uneasiness of making a change. Maybe you could express your concerns to her?


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