Kicked Out of the Nest.

Under normal circumstances, my priest tends to overcommit himself. This fall/winter, he's part of our diocese's bishop search committee (our current bishop is retiring). Also, his mother died in August. These are not normal circumstances.

SO, I can appreciate that he's not as available as he used to be. It's getting harder to work with him, though, because I don't feel as supported right now.

Not that it's his job to spread sunshine all over.

I used to feel fairly close to him, and now we email very blue moon when there's business to take care of, or a meeting to schedule. I think he's busy and running himself ragged, but it also feels like I've lost a friend. When I do see him, he doesn't have time to do a whole lot of listening (of course, he's really more of a talker to start with...)

On the up side, I still have Tom Davis and my wonderful discernment committee.

Still, I miss the Fr.

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