When I told my mom that I wanted to start sewing, she sent me some scraps to get me started. She doesn't sew, but somewhere along the line got a whole bunch of scraps from one of my aunts. Here's the thing: they don't look like me. And I keep thinking about using them as accents, but then when I try to pair them with other things... wait... they still don't look like me. And then I feel guilty about buying fabric that I love, because I have this basket of fabric already. But I don't like it.

I'll happily mail my scraps to anyone who wants them. If you like, I'll post pics, but if you're feeling brave, I'll just pop them in the mail. They're all quilting cotton. There are 2 small old-fashioned florals-- one with a buttery yellow background, another with a mauve background. One's a bright/deep red, sort of mottled. There's a small piece of little green frogs on white. Don't remember what else off the top of my head, but I'd rather send it off as a whole lot, rather than sending bits and bobs, so if you're willing to take a chance, let me know, and I'll send them to you!

****Yippee-- I'm sending them off to Mindy!

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  1. Oh I totally am! Especially the frog ones!

    I want to make these


    You could make some too!


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