A New Thing

OK, not a new thing in the spiritual sense, more in the tangible sense: I made a skirt! It's my first attempt at clothing of any kind, and it's wearable. The waist is enormous a little big on me, and it's a little longer than I expected it to be, but I am wearing something I made today, which I think is pretty cool. I used Francesca DenHartog's Sew What! Skirts book, and it really made the whole concept of sewing clothes seem possible.

It's a wrap skirt, and unfortunately in the pic the front flap is a little bunched up, but you get the idea:


  1. ~Squeals~ it and you are adorable!!! Congrats on your first skirt! I have made one but that is the only piece of clothing that I have ever made.

    You should be so proud of yourself!!

  2. VERY cute - and, extra bonus, very cute shoes too. Well done! I love the fabric.

  3. Looks good!! And you look very nice with the entire ensemble.

  4. Cute cute cute, and you are BEAUTIFUL!!!


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