Stuck In-Between

As Mr. M and I try to work out our issues (and I continue to squelch my urge to break his knees), I'm noticing a frustrating gap. Churches aren't dealing with many of the messy issues that so many of us struggle with, and counselors aren't acknowledging the spiritual components of our battles, either.

I'm finding most of my healing right now in trying to mirror God's grace, and in striving to be sustained by Abba, rather than my circumstances.

What I'm not comforted by are tidy explanations that absolve us all without requiring penitence.

What I'm very definitely also not comforted by is the fear we have of sharing our humilitation and pain with those in the best position to offer spiritual support. Could I go to my priest with specifics about our situation? Well, probably not my priest, no, but other priests I could. However, I don't feel comfortable sharing with other parishioners-- which is a shame, because this is exactly the sort of thing we need to be able to carry each other through.

It's worth thinking about what I can do to institute change in how that dynamic works.

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