Mid-May Odds and Ends

  • I finished my Spiritual Director's program! (Not done learning, just done with the program.)
  • My wisdom teeth are coming out on Thursday (yikes!). This appointment has been scheduled and rescheduled since January, so I'm just glad to be getting it over with at this point.
  • Mr. M and I have our fingers crossed for a yet-unbloggable possibility-- I'll let you know if it comes through!
  • We worshipped with a Lutheran church on Sunday, and I really enjoyed it. A staff member said to me at the last class retreat that the ELCA might be a good fit. ("It's a lot like the Episcopal church, but softer," was actually how she put it.) At this point, I'm not sure which is scarier-- visiting new churches, or the idea of finding one that feels right.

Other than that, I'm one swamped little Admin Asst., and that's about it.


  1. The night before the wisdom teeth.... EAT FRESH PINEAPPLE. less swelling will likely occur.

  2. friends I chatted last night about how brave it is to go into new churches and how sometimes you leave wondering if you were invisible.

  3. Reading this on Thursday and thinking about you and your teeth. Hoping all is well.

  4. Wow that was quick! - congratulations! (on the spiritual direction).

  5. Mrs. M7:51 PM

    Gannett, it was the fastest 2 years ever!


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-Saint Molly Ivins