Friday Five: Decluttering Edition

Revgal Sally offers us this Friday Five:

With Jo, Jon and Chris all moving to college and University accommodation there has been a big clear up going on in the Coleman household. We have been sorting and trying hard not just to junk stuff, but actually to get it to where it can be useful. On a brighter note we have used Freecycle ( check it out) to provide the twins with pots and pans etc that other folk were clearing out.Making the most of our resources is important, I have been challenged this week by the amount of stuff we accumulate, I'd love to live a simpler lifestyle, it would be good for me, and for the environment I think...With that in mind I bring you this Friday 5;

1. Are you a hoarder or a minimalist?
There is no question at all that I'm a minimalist. We moved all the time when I was growing up. Now, I look at something and think, "Would I want to pack that?"

2. Name one important object ( could be an heirloom) that you will never part with.
I honestly can't think of anything. Well, maybe Bear. Because he's Real at this point.

3. What is the oldest item in your closet? Does it still fit???
Right this minute, I'm wearing brown cowboy boots that I bought when I was 14. I still wear a lot of stuff from high school in general (I've always had fairly classic -boring- taste). But each year when I swap out summer and winter clothes, I get rid of things that I didn't wear at all that season.

4.Yard sales- love 'em or hate 'em ?
Hate 'em. I don't want your crap, and I don't want the hassle of selling you mine. Everything gets boxed up for the Salvation Army or womens' shelters.

5. Name a recycling habit you really want to get into.
We're already really good about recylcing. Maybe more paper, we do get a lot of junk mail.


  1. wow- I need to come and learn some habits from you!!!

  2. I am right with you on #4. When I am in the right mood, I can really get rid of the stuff that has accumulated.

  3. You're my role model! And I love the boots.

  4. *grins* You would so not want to come to my house.

  5. Moving definitely has changed my attitude about stuff. Packing is just too much damn work.

    Well played!

  6. You're my hero! I want to be a minimalist. Maybe I could be if I wasn't married to a hoarder.

  7. I have moved a lot, both as a child and an adult. Moving is a great motivator to purge or not save...

    love the boots - since I had kids and am now 50 my shoe size has changed...I went up half a size from pregnancy weight and now a half size from sagging ligaments or "old age" LOL...sigh

  8. You're so good! Like Sally and Kristabeth, I want to learn from you how to live!

  9. I would have to watch you like a hawk at my house - as you might throw something "valuable" away.

  10. great habits!

    if my hoarding skills ever overwhelm my "don't buy things" phobia, I'll come to you for advice.

  11. Girl, we are clearly sisters under the skin -- happy to avoid yard sales with you anytime!

  12. And when you are ready to stop hoarding those boots I could find them a nice home!

  13. You are our hero, and hte winner of hte firday five. Can you come teach me what to pack and not to pack. I hate this moving thing.

    I like your boots, boots are always in style and so comfy.


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