I am a Postulant.

I think.

I interviewed with the Commission on Thursday. They recommended that I be granted postulancy, and usually that's that. They voiced reservations, which my bishop shared (can be simplified as "too much head, not enough heart"), so I don't totally, completely feel like I'm approved. Should get a letter soon from the bishop's office to confirm (or, there's a slim chance, not).

It was a really rough day. I've been congratulated, but the day was so hard that I'm not really celebrating. Maybe I was lulled into a false sense of security-- the last time I met with these people it was a breeze. This time they were running behind, so I didn't get in to meet with them until an hour and a half after my appointed time. The meeting itself felt rushed, and I feel awkward in retrospect. It's funny (and not) that I've spent a good bit of my (albeit short) professional life in HR, coaching people on what's appropriate during an interview. DON'T TALK ABOUT PERSONAL INFORMATION being a standard rule. It can be hard to learn to break.


  1. Well, then, congratulations! with a tiny c and one exclamation point until you get the letter.

    I had a similar experience in my first meeting with my Presbytery --at least 1.5 hours late; the door to the office locked and the outer entrance pitch dark as they met in an inner conference room with another individual, so that I was convinced for some time that either I had the wrong night or the meeting had been canceled; and then complete indifference on their part to the possibility that I might be a bit rattled by such an inauspicious beginning.

    I suppose that what feels like the earth shaking to us feels somewhat mundane to them.

  2. hugs! and prayers (not that you'll be made a postulant, but for your own peace)


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