Wednesday Prayers: Rapid-Fire Transitions

Two weeks after the spring semester ended, I began Clinical Pastoral Education.  A week after CPE wrapped up, I started Summer Greek (the benign title of a two-week course that covers a semester's worth of material).   I have this week off, and I'll start the fall semester next week.  Since I did swing shifts throughout CPE, I haven't had a routine in a very long time.  One of the things I'm most looking forward to about starting the school year is having a consistent schedule.  I'm adaptable-- but I'm tired.

I'm looking forward to a chore schedule, a running schedule, time with loved ones, and time to myself.  I really skimped on all of those things over the summer.  (Except the running.  The weeks I didn't run were not stellar weeks for pastoral care on my part.)

Does a schedule bring relief for you, or does it feel like a burden?  Are you feeling burned-out by monotony, or are you longing for consistency?

God, thank you for your presence when 
life feels completely upside-down.
Sustain us in times of both chaos and of restlessness, 
and show us where to find your joy and peace
regardless of our circumstances.  


  1. Great prayer! Thank you, I am copying it down.

    I like routine and schedules, but I also like to be flexible, should I need to be.

    After 110 days of summer vacation, I am rather desperately looking forward to school starting for B&W. But the beginning of school also means the beginning of after-school activities and even with 2 kids doing 2 activities...my dinner schedule is now completely out-of-whack.

    I feel better for writing that down, thanks again!

    I am looking forward to hearing about your middle year.

    1. Praying about everyone's transition, remembering what new schools felt like.

  2. I like schedules and routines but there has to be an element of having these as building blocks for progression in one's life. If my days are just about completing jobs and chores as entities in themselves then i get bored. Good post.

    1. Chelliah, I agree about their being building blocks, rather than an end in themselves. (I get bored, too!)

  3. Not huge on schedules though I do follow one at work

    1. Stratoz, as another jazz-y guy pointed out to me: you can't have good improvisation without having good structure.


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-Saint Molly Ivins