What To Ask

I've been interviewing lately, and I'm happy to tell you that I've been invited to ask questions during those conversations. I like questions. In fact, I realized a couple of years ago that one of the compliments that makes me feel best about myself is, "Wow, that's a really good question!"

I have at least one more interview, and it's scheduled for Thursday morning. As I prepare for it, I'm trying to think about questions that I'd like to ask. Specifically, I'm trying to differentiate between things I wonder about, and things I need to know in order to discern well. Anything that's just a question of curiosity will be resolved in time, I can wait and watch to get those answers. I'm looking for questions that declutter, that take away all the ephemera in order to distinguish between what I can and can't live without.

I can live with weird hours.
I can live with stress.
I can live with looking at my mistakes.

I can live without an office of my own.
I can live with turnover and brief encounters.
I won't live with institutionalized meanness.
I won't live with perpetual boredom.
I won't live without faithfulness.
I won't live as someone else.

I'd love to know what you will and won't live without.


  1. As I've wondered about different paths for myself (I've been pondering seminary or a Ph.D. in Theology), I've wrestled with these questions:

    --How much debt is a different path worth?

    --Online? I've decided no. I spend enough time staring at screens.

    --Upheaval. Is a different path worth a move? And is it exciting because of the possibility of moving? For me, moving has always been one of the easiest ways of dealing with whatever may be causing me distress in my life.

    --And then there's the loss of income that would come from leaving my current job. Is it worth that?

  2. I can live with the uncertainty of never knowing for sure if I am making the right decision.

    I can live with knowing that the decision will influence future decisions.

  3. I cannot live without God for God is love and God is life.
    I can live with curiosity, courage, creativity, and compassion but the greatest of these is compassion.
    I cannot shut up when I see something on a post like a couple weeks ago on your Wed Prayer post about God is love and omnipotent , not so congruent, so I will post about that on my blog this Wednesday, prayer meeting day!
    Thank you,

  4. Hi, Don.

    The post you're referring to was eaten by Blogger's technical difficulties that week, and I haven't recreated it. Thanks for adding your perspective, though.


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