Wednesday Prayers: For Jo(e)

I had a half dozen other posts in my head, but really, this is where my prayers are this week.

Do you have anything else you'd like me to be praying for, friends?


  1. Retreat on Saturday! And last pulling together of materials, please God/dess, tonight after the Advent meditative service at the downtown community.

    Thanks for all your prayer support on this exciting, terrifying, healing journey to the retreat day. Will have you in mind and heart for deep healing and grace that day, and first-name you to the group--if I may--as someone who has supported me in prayer for the day and who is seeking mother healing.

    Love the Advent color scheme, btw.

  2. Laura: Of course I'll keep praying for that! I'm hoping to hear how it goes, too.

    I'd love your prayers-- if you wouldn't mind including my mother in them, that would be even better.

    And I love that you noticed the Advent change!

    Mindy: Exactly. My only consolation is that evidence points to Jo(e)'s already having made a difference in their lives.


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-Saint Molly Ivins