Yellow Patchwork Quilt

I made a little quilt, y'all!

I've made them before, but this is the first one I've both pieced and quilted. (On others, I've either quilted one big piece of fabric, or I've pieced rag quilts-- which don't get quilted.)

So, hurrah! I just loved this one. It went to a sweet newborn whose parents I adore-- and I assure you, those are the only circumstances under which I would have been willing to let go of it. It turned out so much cuter than I expected (although I'm still swearing that the binding-- satin blanket binding is surely evil in solid form).I tried to show you the whole thing:

but frankly, I'm not so good with the self-timer and the scurrying into place, so I tried again (overexposed, and then badly corrected...sigh):

Still not great. So, in parts, we have the front:

I love how crinkly quilts get when you use cotton batting-- it shrinks a little in the dryer, and the quilted lines really stand out.

And then the fun scrappy back--I scattered tiny squares like confetti. I added a few Heather Ross chickens that weren't on the front, and they made me grin every time I looked at them:

I had a grand time doing it-- it's machine-pieced, but hand-quilted (which seems to be my favorite way of doing things).

So, that's that! Have a lovely cheerful yellow day!


  1. Love the chickens on the back! The baby will get such a kick out of them when s/he (?) is old enough to figure out they are there!

  2. I LOVE yellow! You're so amazing. A runner, quilter, sewer, baker, intellectual--you've got it all!

  3. Charlotte, I think so, too. I'm picturing him making little toddler clucking noises at it when he learns about animals.

    Nancy, it's easy to do everything if you're willing to be mediocre in all of it!


    But thank you both.

  4. ~squee~ I love the little chickens!! The would thing is just so stinkin' adorable!!

  5. How beautiful! I love making baby quilts--such a speedy process, compared to making big quilts.

  6. beautiful work! congrats


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