A few years ago, Mr. M and I switched to canvas shopping bags. I LOVE them-- partly because they feel more ecologically responsible, but also because they're much more comfortable for me to carry (and you'd laugh at the lengths I go to in order to only take one trip into the house with groceries). I always remember to grab the bag o' bags for the weekly grocery shopping, but sometimes I have to run a quick errand and have left the bags at home. More often than not I tell the clerk that I don't want a bag, but that's not always convenient.

SO, since we didn't have enough bags to leave a couple extra in the car, I headed to my local fabric store. One day of sewing + 2 yards of upholstery-weight fabric ($7 on clearance!), and we now have four new totes! And they're cute! And I didn't use a pattern at all, just winged it! Very exciting. So, two in each car, and I'm ready to... well, head to the bookstore tomorrow (because I have to pick up my reading for Lancaster Theological Seminary's Summer Academy).


  1. They are cute! I love using my own bags when I shop! Look at you all smart and not using a pattern!

  2. That is nice work! I've been saying I should do this for some time; you inspire me. I think my sewing machine should get a workout in the next couple weeks.

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    The very best part was that I didn't care if they were perfect. It didn't matter if the measurements were the same on all 4 down to the 1/4 inch (they were close). They're functional, but imperfect. I think I'm going for the same thing, personally!

  4. I love your bags AND your philosophy!!! :)


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-Saint Molly Ivins