Blame It On the Rain

Well, the snow actually, but you know I'm coming a bit unhinged when I reference Milli Vanilli.

I'm having a rough week, y'all. Family + weather + that lovely combination of inadequacy and doubt that's so helpful in ministry = one struggling puppy.

Actually, I said it facetiously, but I really do think (to an extent) that inadequacy (I am not God) and doubt (we share our questions, and God is a huge mystery) are important. But, dang, they're rough sometimes.

Cyber hugs and kisses would be great, if you've got 'em to spare.


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  2. I'm late, and by now, you've probably had a good night's sleep and have moved to a different emotional state. I've spent the week wrestling with inadequacy too, and oddly, I found the Ash Wednesday service enormously comforting. Yes, I'm unworthy--and God loves me regardless.

    This hard winter will soon be over. We can't see the sap rising in the trees, we can't see the buds that are just about to emerge through the branches--but worlds of wonder are being prepared for us.

    I'm hoping Spring comes early--or by now, at least on time. I'm hoping for an early emotional Spring too, one that's free of tornadoes!

  3. *hugs you many and lots*

  4. More hugs from here too, and I will keep praying (did your mass Thursday afternoon which was a real joy). I can't tell you what a gift it was to drive to the retreat house yesterday and pray....Thanks so much for the recommendation.


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